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Choice of four points of plastic steel window

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Update time : 2016-10-13 15:19:50
   Plastic window is a special product, from the production of profiles to the window assembly are carried out in the factory, as long as the installation is standardized, consumers are difficult and no tools to check the quality of the window, but this does not mean that consumers can not check the steel window .
   When you buy plastic window, you can still distinguish advantages and disadvantages from following four points.
  1. Steel window surface should be smooth, no open welding fracture, sealing strip formation without curling, no slot, no smell of plastic strips.
  2. When the steel window is closed, there is no gap between the fan and the frame, the four doors and windows are connected as one without screw connection, sliding doors and windows should slide freely, soft voice, no dust off.
  3. Steel window frames and fans are steel lining, the glass was installed flat and not directly in contact with the profile, if the double-layer glass is sandwich should be no dust and water vapor, switch parts tight and flexible.
  4. Plastic steel window must be in the factory workshop professional processing, not on-site production.
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