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Optimized extrusion and heat treatment process-2

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Update time : 2016-11-10 10:55:22
Extrusion speed
Extrusion process must be carefully controlled extrusion speed. The extrusion speed has important influence on the deformation thermal effect, the uniformity of deformation, recrystallization and the solid solution process, the mechanical properties of products and the surface quality of products.
The extrusion speed is too fast, the product surface will appear on the crack tendency. At the same time, the deformation of the metal is increased by increasing the speed of extrusion. The flow rate of the extrusion depends on the type of alloy and the shape, size and surface condition of the profile.
6063 alloy profile extrusion speed (metal flow rate) is optional for 20-100 M / min.
With the development of modern technology, the extrusion speed can be controlled by program control or simulation program, and the new technology of isothermal extrusion process and CADEX is also developed. By automatically adjusting the extrusion speed, the temperature of the deformation zone can be kept in a constant range, which can reach the purpose of rapid extrusion without crack.
In order to improve the production efficiency, many measures can be taken in the process. When using induction heating, along the length direction of ingot temperature gradient exists 40-60 C (gradient heating), extrusion temperature when the end to end toward the low temperature extrusion die, extrusion pad, in order to balance a part of thermal deformation; there is also water cooled die extrusion, namely strong cooling water in the mold is, the experiment result shows that it can improve the extrusion speed is 30%-50%.
In recent years, nitrogen or liquid nitrogen cooling mold (extrusion die) was used to increase the extrusion speed, improve the service life and improve the surface quality of the profile. In the extrusion process, extrusion die exit leads to nitrogen release, can make the product is cooled rapidly shrink, cooling extrusion die and metal deformation zone, the thermal deformation was taken, and mold outlet controlled by nitrogen atmosphere, reducing the oxidation of aluminum, alumina reduces the adhesion and accumulation of nitrogen, so cooling to improve the surface quality of the products, can greatly improve the speed of extrusion. CADEX is a recently developed new process of extrusion, the extrusion process of extrusion temperature, extrusion speed and extrusion pressure to form a closed system, in order to maximize the extrusion speed and production efficiency, and ensure the best performance.
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