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China Aluminum Profile Market

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Update time : 2018-03-09 16:58:34
In 2012, with the rapid advancement of large-scale infrastructure investment and industrialization in China, the output and consumption of aluminum profiles grew rapidly, and China has also become the largest aluminum production base and consumer market in the world. After nearly 10 years of rapid growth, China's aluminum industry has entered a new stage of development, and shows many new trends.
China's industrial aluminum profiles account for about 30% of the total application of aluminum profiles, mainly used in the transportation industry (including automobile manufacturing, rail transit), equipment and machinery equipment manufacturing, durable consumer goods (including light industry), etc. About 10%, 10% and 12% of aluminum profiles are used. During the same period in Europe, North America and Japan aluminum consumption structure, the proportion of industrial consumption reached 60%, 55% and 40%, respectively, much higher than our country. It is estimated that in the next 5 to 10 years, the consumption of China's industrial aluminum profiles The volume will continue to increase, and the proportion of aluminum products will increase from about 30% now to about 45 to 50% in 2015.
With the rapid development of the aluminum profile industry, the domestic excellent aluminum profile production enterprises pay more and more attention to the research of the industry market, especially the in-depth study of the changes in the company's development environment and customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of domestic aluminum brand has risen rapidly and has gradually become a leader in the aluminum industry!
In 2012, the domestic market demand for industrial aluminum profiles will exceed 4 million tons. In the future, the application space of aluminum profiles in the industrial field will be very large. Among the 124 industrial sectors in China, 113 departments use aluminum products, accounting for 91% of the total. Luo Baihui, the secretary-general of the International Model Association, pointed out that industrial aluminum extrusion is a solid foundation for China Zhongwang's deep processing business. In 2011, the company's annual sales of industrial aluminum products reached 409,304 tons, accounting for 92.5% of the total. Its absolute leading edge in the industry comes from the "four in one" business model, namely alloy casting, mold manufacturing, extrusion equipment, product development. In terms of mold, its unique advantages are even more sudden. The mold center is the largest in Asia with the industry's highest product technology content, stable performance, and all its own production, able to face the diversified market demand.

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