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Aluminum profile processing--Ingot homogenizing annealing process optimization

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Update time : 2016-11-03 14:38:56
Ingot homogenizing annealing process optimization
In the production of civil extrusion profiles, 6063 alloy uniform annealing specification for: 560 + 20 degrees Celsius, heat preservation 4-6h, cooling method for forced air cooling or water cooling.
Alloy homogenization treatment can improve the extrusion speed, compared with the non homogenizing ingot, the extrusion pressure decreases about 6%-10%. After homogenization treatment, the cooling rate has an important influence on the precipitation behavior of the microstructure. The hot cooling rapidly after ingot, Mg2Si almost completely dissolved in the matrix, the excess Si will also exist in the solid solution or precipitation of fine particles. This ingot can quickly extrusion at low temperature, and mechanical properties and excellent surface brightness.
In the production of aluminum profile extrusion, the energy saving and consumption reducing effect can be achieved by replacing the resistance heating furnace with the fuel oil or gas heating furnace. Reasonable choice of furnace type, burner and air circulation mode can make the furnace to achieve uniform and stable heating performance, and achieve stable process to improve the quality of products.
Combustion type ingot heating furnace after several years of operation and continuous improvement, the market has been out of the furnace combustion efficiency higher than 40%. Ingot charging rapidly after heating to 570 DEG C, and after a period of time, in the discharge zone cooling close to the extrusion temperature when released in extrusion, ingot heating furnace has gone through half the homogenization process, a process called semi homogeneous processing, basically in line with the 6063 alloy hot extrusion process, which can save a separate uniform chemical sequence, which can greatly save the  investment and energy consumption, is a worthy process.
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